Javier Diaz de Leon

Treasurer / Accountant 
Javier exhibits what it is to be an organized and very conscientious individual. He makes sure each ad every person is focused on a task and always lends a helping hand.
He alongside Agustin and Carlos, have been working together to pursue the same goals. Showing the he cares and is also a great listener, Javier creates a great working environment for both partners and clients.

Agustin Cortes

CEO / Co-Founder
Agustin Cortes has been an autodidact for several years and has became aware of the process of metacognition. From here, opportunities opened up for Agustin to seize. Since marketing is just changing people's perception and perception is just the process of our mind mentally articulating and processing info, marketing was the perfect match for Agustin's individual interests.
Growing up in this modern generation, the internet and social media platforms have always been a part of Agustin's life. Instead of seeing the internet as something to kill time with, he used it as a tool for self-education and harness skills. Thousands of hours full of trial-and-error, Agustin has now earned competence and confidence to use his knowledge as as a service. Implementing cognitive marketing and mastering digital marketing platforms has cultivated the perfect fit for Agustin's career.

Meet the Creatives

Carlos Miranda

Content Creator / Visual Expert 
Carlos is a content creator genius. His techniques include creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Carlos believes every business' online appearance matters and a good way to show it is by having the best possible content on your website as well as social media platforms. Carlos understands this new generation. He will help you get noticed by the 3.5 billion eyes around the web.
Carlos has worked with many businesses driving profits using compelling content. His most viral video post hit 1 million views driving profits for the business out the roof!

About Us

Why Tinted Media

As young individuals and entrepreneurs, Tinted Media's creatives aim to create honest relationships with each and every client we come across.
We value high integrity and inherit conscietiousness in order to have a non-friction communication with our environment. We do not only want to help our customers, we also want to be part of their own unique goals.
But more importantly, results are what matter. Tinted Media is confident anf competent enough to bring any client more customers and a tremendous amount of value in our expertise. It is in our manifesto that we must always create a beneficial outcome for our clients.
Choosing us means choosing honesty, creativity, and integrity!

Bringing value to our customers using creativity, knowledge, and cognition.

Hollister, CA  95023

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